Orion - Mine Finance

Seeking lower-cost, later-stage base and precious metals mining projects at, or near, production.

The ideal mining projects are ones where the Orion team can add financial, as well as operational value, including:

  • Pre- and post-production investments
  • Ensuring efficient sale of the mine’s output via offtake

Later-Stage Focus

Focusing on later-stage investments, the Orion team is able to better assess the likelihood of reaching production.

Offtake-Linked Investments

By incorporating offtakes into its investment strategy, Orion is able to provide mine counterparties with more flexible terms, thereby increasing the probability of reaching production. Offtakes also provide a real-time transparency into production quality and quantity.

Risk Management

Risk management is paramount to Orion. Each investment is assessed a proprietary “risk score” during the due diligence process. The basis for the risk score comprises multiple risk variables, all of which are monitored and updated quarterly.