Orion - Mine Finance

Providing a wide range of investments such as debt, equity, convertibles, offtake, streaming, and royalties to base and precious metals mining companies.

Orion provides senior debt, equity and royalty investments and offtake services to mining companies in both the base and precious metals sector. By leveraging its expertise and deal flow within the private financing space, Orion is able to continue providing the same offtake-linked investments to miners at preferable terms, while providing Limited Partners with direct exposure to the base and precious metals mining universe.

Orion Resource Partners originated as part of one of the world’s largest metals-dedicated fund groups, co-founded in 2004 by Orion’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Oskar Lewnowski. Mr. Lewnowski established the group’s mine finance business line in 2008 with an investment focus on later-stage, mining companies. Orion Resource Partners’ affiliate Orion Merchant Services provides physical merchanting services to the group’s mine finance business.